St. Louis Lifelong Christian Formation is charged with fostering discipleship in Catholic children, youth, young adults, adults, and families. Our mission is carried out with the understanding that church is fundamentally a diverse community of disciples. We are unified in Catholic worship and sacraments. We are organized for the evangelization of others and ourselves so that Christ’s mission—the justice and mercy of God—impacts every aspect of human living. We do this through our various programs, structures, and ministry training. As our lives unfold, our faith can be tested and strengthened. Life can cause us to revisit the doctrines and devotions we have learned, to discover a hunger for God’s Word in Scripture, and to involve ourselves in continued learning and acts of service.

Lifelong — because throughout life our understanding of and relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit evolves and deepens.
Christian — because we are all baptized into Jesus’ life and death, to be members of His Church, and to carry on His mission as disciples.
Formation — because being a Catholic Christian is a lifelong journey of growth in a mature understanding of ourselves, our faith, and our God through prayer, learning and study, community worship, family and friends, and in witness and service to the world.