Middle School Ministry Retreat

The theme of the retreat is "Encounter" where we will focus on the various ways we encounter Christ in our lives.

The High School Young Church (youth ministry) team at St. Louis will facilitate the retreat. They are excited about their faith, and would like to share their passion for the Church with the Middle School students at the Church and School! The dynamic retreat will include games, talks, small groups, praise and worship, adoration, reconciliation, and free time all geared toward having an experience of Christ.

Payment: The total cost of the retreat is $95, with a $30 deposit to secure your child's place. Space is limited to 55 people, and the registration deadline is March 30th. Scholarships are available, if interested please contact me. You will be redirected to make the payment of deposit once you submit this form, or you may drop off payment to the youth, church, or school offices.

Phone Policy: We will be collecting all phones on the retreat, as we are trying to clear our minds and hearts from any distraction. I will give my cell phone out to all of the parents/guardians who send their child on the retreat for emergencies.

Middle School Ministry Retreat Form

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