In addition to our 2nd collection this weekend for hurricane victims, St. Louis is having a GIFT CARD DRIVE through the coming week.  We invite you to purchase gift cards, either from our School’s Scrip Card Program or from your favorite stores (HEB – Target – Walmart – Lowe’s – Home Depot – Sears – Macy’s – gas cards or more).   Bring your gift cards to the Church Office between now and Friday, Sept. 8th.  

Next Friday….we will bundle up all the gift cards we’ve collected and take them to the Austin Catholic Charities Office that will dispense them where they find the greatest need.  These gift cards will enable hurricane victims to buy food, clothing, cleaning products, toiletries, building materials or just gas for their vehicles.   Your gift cards can make the difference… them the dignity to purchase what they need most for their families.  Thank you for your generosity!