Elizabeth's Story - From Meteorologist to Church Worker (but still a Meteorologist)


The Lord calls in whispers. This week, Will and Tom sit down with Elizabeth Polito, the Director of Ministries at St. Louis parish, and listen to the ways that God has worked in her life to show her that her deepest identity isn't just in her academic or career accomplishments, but in her life as a daughter of God and a member of the Body of Christ.

The Being Church Podcast is a combined initiative of the Media and Adult Evangelization Ministry at St. Louis Parish in Austin, Texas. 

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Will's Travels, Discipleship, and Office Ringtones


That's right. We've got a name! This is the Being Church Podcast! We kick off our first named podcast episode.... with a second take. But that's how the life of discipleship goes. Will and Tom talk about the FOCUS model of discipleship, what being a disciple actually means, and then a phone rings and rudely interrupts them. 

Are you a disciple? How can you dive deeper into the Lord today?

The Being Church Podcast is a combined initiative of the Media and Adult Evangelization Ministry at St. Louis Parish in Austin, Texas. To grow, we need your spiritual, auditory, and financial support. If you feel so called, please donate any of those means. 

Friends with Jesus - Cutting through the Cheese


Christians often speak about their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and honestly, it probably sounds crazy to a lot of people. In this episode, Tom and Will try to dive deeper and discover what we mean when we say a disciple should have a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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BFFs and Virtue: What's a good friendship look like?


In an age when "friend" means a lot of different things and in a time when we'd rather have "followers" than companions, do we lose out on what real, authentic friendship is? Will and Tom take a brief survey of the Philosopher Aristotle's ideas of friendship and talk about what his ideas have to do with our relationships and our faith.

This podcast is an initiative of St. Louis Catholic Church in Austin, TX and the Adult Formation and Evangelization Ministry.

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What's Your Story?


Has anyone ever asked you, "How has God worked in your life?" Maybe not, because that's a pretty weird, churchy question. But it's an important one to consider. God's working in your life, and sometimes it's only possible to see that by reflecting on your story. In this episode, Will and Tom share their faith journey stories and invite you to consider yours.

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Tom and Will end their first podcast series by talking about the beginning: The Incarnation and the Nativity of Jesus. What does this mean for our lives? They also talk about random Christmas things... their favorite hymns, some solid Jesus quotes, and consumerism. 

Will and Tom will be back next week! The podcast is set to continue. Still nameless, but awesome.

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Advent Reflections - The Father's Merciful Pursuit


It's the last week of Advent! And the Church is anxiously anticipating the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. In this fourth week, Will and Tom discuss the Father's obsession with His children. Why doesn't He just leave us silly sinners alone?  Why does He spend our entire lives (and most of salvation history) pursuing us?  Love sure is silly, am I right?  #forthelifeoftheworld


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