What is Compline?

Compline is the final church service or Office of the day in the tradition handed down to us today as the Liturgy of the Hours

The English word Compline is derived from the Latin  completorium, as Compline is the completion of the working day. The word was first used in this sense about the beginning of the 6th century by St. Benedict in his Rule.  It developed in southern Europe and the Middle East and was primarily offered by the monastic communities like those following St. Benedict.
As Christian influence spread throughout the world, the offices found a place in local churches.  By the 16 th century, a large number of breviaries (books containing texts and music for all the Offices of the Day) were available in most churches.

The St. Louis Compline Choir is made of men who gather each Sunday evening at 9:00pm in the Chapel to bring a beautiful sung recitation of this historic Office of the Day. 

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Sunday Evenings  

9:00 PM in the St. Louis Chapel