Library Cards

Although anyone may use materials inside the library itself, anyone (twelve years and older) wishing to borrow materials from the St. Louis Parish Library may do so only if they have a valid parish library card on file. Blank library cards are located on the top counter of the circulation desk. Parents are responsible for checking out their children’s materials.  Information required for a valid card includes current name, address, work and home phone, and email address. Please inform the library of any changes in information.

Checking Out Materials

BOOKS, MEDIA, and MUSIC- Resources can be checked out for a period of three (3) weeks. Some books may also be checked out for long term usage on an individual basis at the discretion of the librarian.
MINISTRY RESERVE AREA – The Ministry Directors have a reserved area for their catechists and the circulation of those items is at their discretion. Media not in the Catechists Resource area can be checked out for a period of three (3) weeks.
RETURNING LIBRARY MATERIALS- Materials can be returned to the circulation desk in the library during library hours. They can also be returned when the building is open through the slot in the library door. Do not put returned materials to their place on the bookshelf in the library!

Renewing Materials & Long-Term Checkout

Library materials may be renewed either by email ( or in person. All other books may be renewed twice (2x), for a total borrowing time of nine (9) weeks. Special situations may require that an item(s) be checked out long term. This is at the discretion of the librarian.  


We notify people that their books are overdue, but since we are not staffed full time, people often turn their books in when we are not here. If another patron needs the material we will do what is necessary to get the overdue material back into circulation.  Donations (in the range of $0.25/day) are encouraged.


All items six (6) months past due will be considered lost and must be replaced by the borrower. The borrower shall be assessed a fine of the cost of replacement of the materials lost plus a processing charge of $2.00 per lost item. If the item is no longer available, the borrower shall be assessed a fine of its approximate value.
Note: This policy is preliminary and will be periodically reviewed and revised. We welcome your suggestions.