The sacrament of Confirmation has two primary effects:

  • The bond with the church is strengthened which first began in baptism
  • The person is enriched with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and receives the spiritual gifts of the spirit.

Both of these effects perfect the grace that is first received in Baptism and helps us continue to live our baptismal call as disciples of Christ to the world.


The High School Youth Confirmation prerequisites are incorporated into the current Youth Ministry opportunities of our parish.  The ministry provides excellent catechesis which aims to strengthen and invigorate the faith life of the young Church.  Through class discussion, social justice and spiritual projects, a weekend retreat and fellowship, Confirmation candidates are given a vast array of opportunities to live, learn, and appreciate the Catholic faith. 
Youth Confirmation candidates are described as:

  • Adolescents ages 14-19 years old
  • Who are Baptized and have received Communion
  • Has completed the Confirmation I Year  

Year One Calendar

Year Two Calendar



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