"Return to Me with your whole heart"

Registering now for the Women's A.C.T.S. Retreat which will begin on Thursday evening, April 4, and continue through the weekend, ending with an 11:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday, April 7 at St. Louis Catholic Church.

Please fill out the form completely. Once you click Submit, you will be redirected to our online payment page. The retreat cost is $175.00. To reserve your place, a $50 deposit payment is required. The $125 balance will be due upon check-in Thursday evening at St. Louis Catholic Church or any time prior to that date. 

*Please note that financial hardship should not prevent anyone from attending the retreat. If you are unable to pay the entire fee, contact the director Heidi Cisneros, at heidi.cisneros@yahoo.com or 512-431-8786 or the Co-Director, Debbie Farnum, at debfarnum67@gmail.com or 512-587-1248.

A.C.T.S. Registration Form

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Name two family members or close friends you would like praying for you during this retreat
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