Adult Formation and Evangelization

Tom Carani, M.A. Theology - Director of Adult Formation and Evangelization

Tom Carani, M.A. Theology - Director of Adult Formation and Evangelization

Welcome to the Adult Formation and Evangelization webpage!  I’m Tom Carani, the Director for Adult Formation and Evangelization at St. Louis Catholic Church.  I’m glad you visited our website.
The goal of Adult Formation and Evangelization is to cultivate a parish community of joyful disciples by introducing all people to Jesus Christ through the sacraments, catechesis, and spiritual formation.  This means that in everything we do, whether we are walking with someone on their journey to become Catholic, or whether we are sharing faith at a King’s Men session, relationship with Jesus Christ is our primary and complete goal.  We are nothing without Him, and this ministry is nothing without Him and the Church He founded.
When we journey toward Christ together, we form unbreakable bonds of community within the parish, and this is a community of joy. Our joy comes from the gospel, the good news, that Jesus Christ loves us, he saves us from our sins, and he remains with us through the sacraments, the ministry of the Church, and through our community.
I would like to invite you to explore the ministries we offer, especially if you want to become Catholic or need to receive Eucharist or Confirmation. There is a place for you in the St. Louis community of faith. Please reach out to me any time using the information to the left.
May our families, our relationships, our lives--external and interior--be renewed with the good news and joy of our Catholic faith, and may God reveal His love to us in new ways everyday.
Welcome to St. Louis Adult Formation and Evangelization Ministry.
Tom Carani




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