As we know, Thursday was a very important day for the Diocese of Austin, a day that we’ve been called to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in a bold way. A few things that we, your priests, continue to keep in prayer:  

We keep the victims, and the hurt they’ve felt, in our prayers.  As they watch the news and hear about their experiences once again, they need to know the nearness of God and we ask God to watch over them.

We keep our diocese in our prayers.  Our commitment to healing and truth makes two things evident:  the posting of Thursday’s list acknowledges those who have been hurt by the Church.  It tells them that we hear them and we care about them.   At the same time, it tells the world that we will continue to do everything we can do to never let this happen again.  God will always require of us, as he has of Christians for 2000 years, bold witness and bravery in the face of difficulty and sin. 

 We keep our parish in our prayers.  It was a difficult day for our parish family because we love St. Louis so much.   We know that God cares about what we care about.  With that, we ask God to continue to care for this place for which we care so deeply.

We keep those who have committed these sins against God’s little ones in our prayers.  They need our prayers of petition, asking God’s mercy upon them. 

 This is what we will be praying for as we go about our work of priestly ministry for you.

 Thank you for your faithfulness in God’s loving providence.  Thank you for your commitment to God’s truth.  Thank you for your prayers for God’s people.  

Sincerely in Christ,

Fathers James, Doug, and Jesse