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Catholic Life: This category applies to how your catholicity affects the everyday areas of your life. Some examples include: raising a catholic family, being a catholic in the workplace, etc. Basically, you can write about anything that relates to your experience of living a catholic life in the modern world
Spirituality: While everything we do as catholics somehow relates to our spiritual life, this topic is meant to focus more on prayerful reflections, encounters, and pilgrimages. It is also the place for theological musings or apologetics.
Culture: A blog post in this category can be anything in the secular world with a catholic perspective, such as a movie review. It can also pertain to things specific to Catholic culture such as a reflection on a papal encyclical or pastoral visit.
My St. Louis: This category is St.Louis Specific. ie. an article about the farm ministry or social ministries, or a school event, etc.



Please make sure the photo is public domain, creative commons, or royalty free. To do this in your Google search, click on Tools > Usage Rights > then choose Labeled for Reuse. You can also browse Creation Swap or Unsplash for images. If you need to email a personal photo or a headshot for the author bio, please send to

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