Pastoral Council

Established in 1979, the Pastoral Council consists of discerned, ex-officio, and appointed parishioners who serve in staggered three-year terms. On Pentecost Sunday each year, the parish is asked to prayerfully discern who they believe God is calling forth as leaders in this faith community. Persons may put their own name or the name of someone else whom they believe God is calling to serve. Those called forth will be invited to a discernment session where they prayerfully reflect on whether God is calling them to serve the St. Louis community as a member of the Pastoral Council, meeting regularly, is an advisory board to the pastor on parish policies and guidelines.

Finance Council

The Finance Council oversees the budget of the parish and advises the pastor in financial matters. The pastor appoints members with experience in accounting, budgeting, finance, and legal or business professions. Quarterly meetings (January, April, July and October) review the parish financial reports and discuss pertinent topics. Ex-officio members include the Pastor, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Accounting.