Ongoing marriage enrichment is a vital part of keeping a marriage healthy. St. Louis offers married couples a supportive Catholic community where they can continue growing in their understanding of God’s plan for their marriage through grace, prayer, discipleship and fellowship. 

For all things “marriage”, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a new website  full of resources and information on how you can live happily ever after. Visit For Your Marriage for tons of ideas to do something positive for your marriage every day.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Turn a good marriage into a great marriage through a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend! You’ve discovered a great site that can help married couples turn a good (or even ho-hum or boring) marriage into a GREAT marriage! 

  1. Rediscover the spark that was there on your wedding day! 
  2. Rediscover the best friend you had when you were first married! 
  3. Join the millions of couples worldwide who have learned how to keep their marriage vibrant and alive! 

Help for Struggling Marriages

Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vie) has helped thousands of couples at all stages of disillusionment or misery in their marriage. This program can help you, too. For confidential information about or to register for upcoming programs, call 512.267.6127 or visit their website.

 Counselors committed to helping individuals and couples achieve the best possible solution to the many challenges that can test marriages are available.  For confidential referrals, please email or call 512-454-0384 ext. 222.