Get Candy and Evangelize Too

Usually, I post things that I write myself. But I wanted to post something that didn’t come from me at all. When the kids come to Mass at Saint Louis Catholic School, I write down most of what is said in the homilies and comments to the kids so the teachers, staff and parents can be included if they missed it. (Some people have gifts to build beautiful churches and paint masterpieces. My gift is to take notes.) 

Father James gave this great talk about bringing Halloween into a Catholic perspective, and I’m sure it’s going to make you run out and get a totally different costume for your fun tonight. Here is what he said to the kids at school last Friday:

Father James: Can anyone tell me, what is happening next Wednesday? 

Kids: Halloween!

Father James: Right. And it also goes by another name. There’s a churchy name. What is that? 

Kids: All Hallows’ Eve. 

Father James: Right! And what do you do on that day?

Kid: Give away candy!
Kid: You go GET candy!

Father James: Yeah! And you dress up! I just want to tell you that if you don’t have a costume yet, and even if you do have a costume, you could go as a saint! You don’t have to be something scary!

Can you imagine going as Mary? You would go up to the house and they would say, “Who are you?” And you would say, “I’m Mary, the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.” 

You would get to have complimentary candy AND evangelize!!!

Could you tell me some other saints you could go as? What are some examples? 

Kids: Saint Patrick 

Kids: Saint Rose 

Father James: Yeah, or maybe Saint Louis, King of France! You would go to the house and they would say, “Hey! Who are you? King Henry the eighth?” And you would say, “No, I’m Saint Louis, King of France. He lived in the 1200s. Did you know that he was a lay Franciscan, and he fed 12 poor and homeless at his table every night? Thanks for the candy. God bless!”


Don’t make it about scary things. Did you know? If a real saint came to an evil spirit, the evil spirit would be scared and run away? In fact, that is actually the earliest tradition, that we dressed up in America on that night to scare away the evil spirits. Right, Father Jesse? (Father Jesse nods in assent.)

What happens on Thursday? On November 1st?

Kids: All Saints Day!

Father James: And what is November 2nd?

Kids: All Souls’ Day!

Father James: Right! Okay, let’s have fun and get the candy and not make Halloween about scary things.

(Don’t you want to dress up as Mary and Saint Louis now? Happy All Hallows’ Eve!)