Getting Water From Bread

There are so many things you take for granted until something goes wrong.

I think clean drinking water counts in that category after heavy rains and flooding led to a historic boil water notice and conservation crisis in Austin this week.
You need clean water to drink, to cook, to wash your hands, to rinse out your teeth after you brush them and more. Hospitals and dental offices and restaurants and other businesses need that water. I live in Pflugerville, where the water is supposed to be fine, but my kids go Saint Louis School in Austin where their water fountains are covered in trash bags. 

Now I find myself praying for something I didn’t consider needing to pray about. I appreciate so much more the Lord’s providence in clean water before and after this situation ends. And I am praying for those who don’t regularly have clean water.

I remember a friend, who, knowing that I pray a lot, told me derisively that he wouldn’t pray for the right change to come out of the vending machine. (This was back in the day when people carried change and vending machines didn’t take credit cards.) I think he wanted me to see that there were things that God didn’t need to do because they already worked automatically without Him. 

And his comment had the opposite effect in me. I thought, “Maybe I should start praying for the vending machine to give the right change.” Because I know that vending machines don’t always work. I have stood in disappointment with my candy bar hanging in the dispenser and not dropping. Sometimes those machines break. The fact that they work is also God’s providence. I appreciated God’s hand even more.

But, I don’t really need to pray that the vending machine works. Or that the sun comes up. Or that my heart keeps beating. Or any of those things I take for granted. Jesus foresaw that we should pray for all those things we need in a day by adding a line in the prayer He taught His disciples: “Give us this day our daily bread.” It’s a line that encompasses more than bread. It asks God to provide everything we need - from what we know to what we don’t know, from what we think about to what we don’t think about, from the fire that’s burning or the fire that’s about to burn.

I didn’t know I needed to pray for water until I got the notice to send extra water with my kids and then went to the store to find all the shelves of bottled water empty. I’m praying for water specifically right now. And look how the Lord answers – FEMA is supplying water to Saint Louis School all week. 

Yes, the Lord always provides. And I am going to trust when all this is over that God will have me covered in water when I ask Him for bread.