Paul McCartney, Karaoke, and Jesus?

I didn’t know it was going to last 30 minutes when I initially clicked on it, but I found myself still watching the James Corden/Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke video even as I was trying to get myself and my kids ready for Mass. It was such a joy!

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke by The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

Who could resist singing along to all these lovable songs? Who couldn’t smile as they passed the church where McCartney said he got a musical start as a choir boy? Who wouldn’t cry as McCartney said the song “Let it be” was written after his deceased mom (mum) said the same words to him in a dream?

I loved watching McCartney zip around Liverpool, recalling his very blessed life. It was fun reliving it with him. I enjoyed his easy-going charm. It was like I was in the car with an old friend.

And I couldn’t help but notice how people gathered as they realized Paul McCartney was in this house or in this pub or wherever they were. He even said that he once tried to put on a hat, mustache, and coat as a disguise because he just wanted to have some time alone. I couldn’t help but think of another Guy who notably couldn’t go anywhere without attracting a crowd.

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus was followed even when He was trying to travel in secret. It made it impossible for Him to even eat (Mark 3:20). He had to sneak off in other directions (Matthew 8:18). Everyone wanted to touch Him, to speak with Him, to have Him heal. I am not aware that He was known particularly for His singing, although I am deeply aware His is the loveliest voice I have ever heard. Dear Jesus!

I watched the people press into the pub where McCartney gave an unexpected free concert and suddenly became very grateful for Jesus’ promise to remain with us always, not as a man, but in the Eucharist. Jesus in multiplied pieces of bread can transcend time and space, making himself intimately available to every person in a way one man cannot. At most, two or three more people could have personally sung with McCartney in Corden’s little car. But Jesus can sing with us as soon as we’ve received Him and gone back to the pew.

McCartney as a man didn’t have time to listen to every story, like the guy who called out, “Me brother’s named for you!” But Jesus is available in the chapel right now to hear your story. The Author of time has nothing but time for you.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Paul McCartney for those 30 minutes. It felt like I was there too, hanging out with a much-beloved friend. But I don’t really know him, and he doesn’t really know me. It made me grateful that I have a Really Famous Friend who really does personally know me and is available to hang out with me anytime I want.


Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius via Flickr