The Fires of Uncertainty

Some of the major times when humans are tested are through the constant fires of change and uncertainty. In short, we cannot improve ourselves without change.

Part of change happens automatically or easily, but the other part, the part we all fear, is the difficult part, the part where we are the sole catalyst.

One of the major changes in my life was the transition from St. Louis Catholic School (SLCS) to high school. In a few short months, my class size drastically changed from 31 to about 340. I was willingly thrust into a whole new environment with zero SLCS students--an environment that placed much more rigorous academic demands upon all of its students. I went through the process of state change. I started at a lesser state, then changed to be greater.

Most everyone in our grade found the transition to high school at least somewhat difficult, me included. I think one of our best resources through these fires was the vast network of grapevines and human connections our class had collectively built through our decade together. Transitioning together taught us new things we never knew about ourselves or each other. Knowing that we were all going through the hard part of change and that we were not alone in doing so, made both the journey and the destination so much better. Through this experience, I learned that authentic human connections are key to get us from that lower state to that higher state. Those same authentic human connections that are undervalued in today’s world--those of unity, hope, and mercy, of felicity, and those of heartbreak, of love, and those of impermanence due to the nature of life. Those of change and transition--these are the ones that are key.  There has to be human connection to get us through the fires of uncertainty. When we reach that higher state, looking down from the mountain, seeing how far we have come, we must realize that while that higher state, the destination, is totally worth changing for, we must never forget those friendships and authentic human connections that brought us to our destination.