Catholic Services Appeal 2015-2016

Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion is to look out to the earth,
yours are the feet by which He is to go about doing good and
yours are the hands by which He is to bless us now.

Hands of Mercy is the theme for this year’s annual Catholic Services Appeal for the Diocese of Austin.  Your donation to the CSA is a powerful witness of God’s love.  By helping those in need, promoting a culture of life, supporting religious vocations, and educating our youth, you are becoming an instrument of Christ’s love and providing him with the hands through which he is to bless the world. Through your donations to the CSA, you are assisting the Church of Central Texas in five key ways. 

  • Clergy Formation: educating 42 seminarians, 164 deacons and 16 deacon candidates, and caring for 35 retired priests.

  • Catholic Education: supporting 5137 students and 564 teachers in 22 Catholic schools plus 16,000 catechists serving 32,000 children and 10,000 adults.

  • Spirituality and Worship: supporting 250 leaders and volunteers involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and hosting 350 retreats serving more than 7,000 people.

  • Life, Charity and Justice: assisting 5,000 volunteers advocating for justice, ministering to the incarcerated, protecting life at all stages, handling 800 calls received by the diocesan Pro-Life Helpline. Helping 9,500 individuals and families seeking a better life through Catholic Charities, Gabriel Project Life Centers, Immigration Legal Services, Financial Stability programs and Disaster Response.

  • Pastoral Ministries: reaching out to 64,000 youth, young adults and college students through youth programs and campus student centers, including more than 2,400 high school students attending DCYC.

Please prayerfully consider donating to the Catholic Services Appeal this November.  Parishioners will be receiving a letter from Bishop Vasquez and a personalized envelope to donate in this year’s campaign.  

Envelopes will also be available in the Church pews November 7-8, 2015.   You may donate a one-time gift or pledge a certain amount over the next ten months, paying by check, credit card or bank deduction. Your participation, no matter how large or small, indicates that you want to help your diocese reach out in meaningful ways to spread the Good News to our Central Texas community.  Thank you for being Christ’s hands of mercy!