2017 Deadlines for Parish Publications

In 2017, our parish newsletter, The Spirit of St. Louis, will be published six times a year. The bi-monthly newsletter will be reserved for more in-depth articles that require additional space, while the bulletin will continue to be used for brief weekly or monthly announcements that are timely in nature. Send news items and photos electronically to bulletin@st-louis.org for both newsletters and bulletins.

Newsletter Deadline              For Designated Issues
January 5                                February – March issue
March 5                                   April - May issue
May 5                                      June - July issue
July 5                                      August - September issue
September 5                           October – November issue
November 5                            December-January issue

Bulletin Deadlines remain Wednesdays at Noon for the bulletin 10 days in advance. Deadlines may vary during holidays. Bulletin submissions may always be submitted a month or more in advance if that is helpful in planning your advertising. Your cooperation in meeting news deadlines is greatly appreciated by the editors, Christa Villarreal and Evelyn McNair.