Feast Day 2017 | St. Louis in Texas


Each year, our parish honors our Patron Saint, King Louis IX, who was truly a saint for the ages. Born in Poissy, France in 1214, he became a warrior King, battling not only the Saracens to free the Holy Land, but fighting to overcome poverty and injustice in his own country. Ruling when France was at its height, both politically and economically, he commanded the largest army and ruled the wealthiest kingdom of Europe at the time. He was a patron of the arts when France was the acknowledged center of arts and intellectual thought of the era. But his reputation for saintliness and fairness with his people was renown, making him as much a crusader to promote the common good of his subjects as he was a brave crusader in the Holy Land.

St. Louis Feast Day is August 25th, and we will celebrate our patron and our parish that whole weekend. We hope you will join us that Friday evening at a 6:30 p.m. Bilingual Mass in the Church, followed by a special catered dinner in Wozniak Hall. Dinner tickets will be on sale for reserved seating after Masses the first three weekends in August, or at the Church Office during the week. Tickets are $15 per adult (12 and older), but younger kids eat free. So a family with little ones under the age of 12 could all eat for the price of the parents’ tickets (regardless of the family’s size)! Families should purchase the adult tickets and then receive enough tickets to guarantee a seat at the table for each of their children. Each ticket represents a chair. Please bring your family and celebrate our parish family!