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Director of Social Ministries
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Social Action at St Louis stems from the faith of more than 5,000 uniquely diverse parish families. Throughout our parish history, Social Ministry at St. Louis has become an expression of who we are as a community of faith.

Parish Social Ministries is based on the guiding principle that God made each of us sacred creations. God gave each of us unique talents and abilities. These are our treasures and wealth, and our Baptismal promises call each of us to share this wealth with each other.

Social Ministry is not meant to make productive citizens. It is meant to invite everyone to grow in all their dimensions: spiritual, physical, and mental. In this way, social ministry helps spread the transforming message of Jesus Christ.
Our ministries guide and focus the stewardship of St. Louis Church towards root problems that address material, emotional, and spiritual poverty and increase the capacity of the parish to act on those root problems.  Parish Social Ministries extends a warm and compassionate helping hand to individuals and families in crisis due to unemployment, mental anguish, substance abuse, incarceration, homelessness, and hunger.
Our ministries help individuals and families who are genuinely motivated to get back on their feet and improve their lives. For us, self-sufficiency means far more than emergency quick-fix measures that work for a day or a month, or not at all. The two areas of social ministry at St. Louis Parish are Companion Ministries and Material Ministries. The purpose of each of these areas is to apply the Catholic social teachings to help improve systems that affect major aspects of our lives; to help improve relationships with one another and countries around the world; and to help improve the physical, emotional and spiritual condition of individuals and families. 

Companion Ministries

The Breakfast Ministry 

A team prepares breakfasts to families who live in a low income apartment complex whose lives have changed drastically due to a life threatening illness.


This outreach ministry provides a meal to our registered parish families grieving the loss of a loved one.  The committee is composed of several teams that donate food to be served at the parish hall or delivered to the family’s home. A Mass is offered for the deceased if the family does not need food.

Jail and Prison Ministry

Members of this ministry offer one-on-one spiritual companionship to our young incarcerated teenagers at the juvenile justice center with weekly prayer and praise service. We also advocate for criminal justice issues that are consistent with the Gospel and Catholic social teachings. 

Material Ministries

Food Pantry Ministry 

One of the biggest Food Pantries in Austin and a partner agency of CAFB – we provide food for those on a fixed income and low income families who find it difficult to provide food for their families.

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

This ministry “Provides food, clothing and dignity to our brothers and sisters in need.”  This is a social outreach ministry to the homeless and working poor. We provide a meal, clothing, blankets (during cold weather) and toiletry items to those who live in the streets and low income neighborhoods.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

This ministry is a worldwide organization of lay men and women who help those on a fixed income and low income families with material assistance such as utilities, rent, clothing voucher, medicines, ID’s and birth certificates who live within the parish boundaries. They visit the families home to better assess their needs and spiritual guidance. 

There are two other events that are held during  Thanksgiving Day and the  Christmas Season that provide assistance to those who live in the streets and low income neighborhoods they are:

Feast of Giving

Volunteers from all over come to give their time to our brothers and sisters in need a traditional “Thanksgiving meal” on Thanksgiving Day. We have served 500 individuals through out the last few years.

Giving Trees

We place three Christmas trees in the Church full of Christmas ornaments that are labeled with items needed for the following ministries St. Louis Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Gabriel Project Ctr, and other agencies that give their items away to needy families such as: Any Baby Can; Catholic Charities Gabriel Project; Breath of Life Maternity Ministries and Mobile Loaves and Fishes INC. RV program.