Advent Reflections - The Father's Merciful Pursuit


It's the last week of Advent! And the Church is anxiously anticipating the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. In this fourth week, Will and Tom discuss the Father's obsession with His children. Why doesn't He just leave us silly sinners alone?  Why does He spend our entire lives (and most of salvation history) pursuing us?  Love sure is silly, am I right?  #forthelifeoftheworld


Music cred: HookSounds Music

Reflections on Advent - Tethered to Christ


In the second week of Advent, the Church reminds us that our God is a loving, patient God who wants to liberate us from the tether of sin. Using John the Baptist and John of the Cross as guides, Will and Tom reflect on the bondage of sin, and what it might look like to be tethered to Christ instead of sin.  Christ is our freedom, and we anxiously await His coming in the celebration of the Incarnation.