Saint Louis King of France Catholic Church & School, a dynamic bi-cultural and growing parish in North Austin, is seeking a Principal Organist.  The Principal Organist contributes to the liturgy by providing professional level organ music, and by collaborating with the Pastor and Director of Sacred Music in the overall music program at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and School.  

Music is an integral part of the life of St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School, and serves as an important ministry that reaches out to parishioners and staff creating opportunities for our community to be drawn into, and meaningfully engaged in, the Church through music. 

This is a salaried position with the expectation of 5 years’ professional level church organist experience, and comprehensive knowledge of Catholic sacred music and the flow of liturgy in the Mass.  The position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in music or related field from an accredited American university or equivalent in a foreign country.  

Included in this position may be tasks in addition to the playing of the organ, including, but not limited to:  directorship of one or more of the music ensembles, administrative duties, venue booking, and concert series management.  

For a description of the organs and pianos used at St. Louis, please contact Rick Gabrillo.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to:
Rick Gabrillo, Director of Sacred Music
c/o Brenda Beltran, Chief Operating Officer
St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and School
7601 Burnet Road
Austin, TX  78757
512-454-2010 (fax) (e-mail)