Preparing Your Wedding

This section is for couples already in the process of preparing their wedding at St. Louis King of France. If you have not started the initial process, please fill out the Marriage Information Form.

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Marriage Preparation

One in the Lord is a seven-week, couple-led marriage preparation program that offers engaged couples a unique opportunity to discuss essential topics directly related to their vocation of marriage. The cost for the preparation is $125 to cover food and other materials.

Experienced married couples will lead discussions and presentations on the Sacrament of Marriage, Communication, Conflict & Forgiveness, Adjustments in Marriage, Spirituality, Stewardship, Intimacy, Fertility & Family Life, and Readiness for Marriage.

Before registering for One in the Lord, engaged couples should first contact the parish office to make an appointment to speak with a priest or deacon who will coordinate a FOCCUS or Prepare/Enrich survey and prepare the couple for their marriage.

Please note that couples must attend One in the Lord sessions together, without missing any sessions. St. Louis also asks that you complete your marriage preparation a minimum of 60 to 90 days before your wedding date.

Above all, pray for one another during this sacred time of preparation. And know of our parish’s prayers and joy for you at this time in your life.  Congratulations!

For more information or question, please contact our office at 512-454-0384 or email our Parish Secretary, or our Principal Organist,